//Office of European Union Representative

Project (Development of PEGASE Direct Financial Support IT System) 

PEGASE Direct Financial Support IT System Experts have been contracted by the EU to develop the PEGASE system, in order for EU representative office in Jerusalem to utilize the PEGASE IT system to:

Manage the payments to be performed under the aforesaid programs and according to the established procedures and eligibility criteria. 

  • stores detailed information related to payments (eligible and non-eligible beneficiaries; transactions • helps to validate data quality; 
  • records the findings of various controls; 
  • supports the EUREP internal visa chain process; 
  • stores the history of payments;
  • provides reporting capabilities; 
  • Monitoring the donor’s commitments and bank accounts
  • Supports EUREP decision making processes. 
  • Capture the four major phases: o The preparation phase, which includes performing auditing checks; testing for duplicates; and formatting data for the tests against international sanctions lists.
Government Health Insurance System Health Insurance System

We have renovated the legacy MOH Government insurance system to support new technologies and features where the solution supports online payments and full citizen e-services, help disk, and many other features, Main Modules have been developed to cover: • Registration 

  • Renewal
  • Information Updates 
  • Activation 
  • Suspension & Cancelation 
  • Billing & Payments 
  • Validation & Activation Checks 
  • Data Imports
  • Periodic Processing 
  • Monitoring & Reporting 
  • Certificate Issues & Replacement 
  • Internal Auditing 
  • Configuration
Palestine Insurance Company PIC TPA System

We have provided PIC with a full system to manage the insurance management, claims and connect the subscriber with the doctors, hospitals, and the PIC in order to follow up medical treatments in all perspectives. 

The system has been built using web technologies, and the latest trending technology architecture and databases

Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation:

Development of Application for premium calculation and pay-out system, collecting data from all the banks in Palestine into one repository at the PDIC. The Solution Deliverables: 

  • Calculate the premium to be levied from each member bank based on the individual bank’s risk profile. 
  • Monitor and control PDIC exposure towards each member bank at any certain moment of time based on last reported/extracted data (the more frequent the depositors’ data is extracted, the more accurate the PDIC exposure is). 
  • Manage premium invoices cycle from issuance to successful receipt and book recording. 
  • Calculate deposit insurance payment due to eligible individual depositors in the event of bank failure in accordance to the insurance rules. 
  • Manage the full depositors’ claim life cycle 
  • Manage approved payments to the affected depositors. In addition to the above project a small project was signed with 2 banks to automate the Integration with the core banking.