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Quds bank

Experts have worked with Quds Bank on Deploying Oracle SOA to connect all applications through a middleware, where also the core of the project was to help the bank in achieving the ultimate goal by providing a low code platform that serves the bank in its digital transformation Journey. With Appian, Quds Bank launched its first application, an app for automating committee management, in one month. Then, over a period of 18 months, Quds Bank was able to go live with over 33 applications, which included apps such as Dynamic Workflow (Q-HUB), Contract Management, Banking CRM, Audit-Unit Follow-Up Solution, and automated individual facility notification. Our team have deployed the Appian Platform and trained the Staff, where in addition to that we worked hand by hand with the bank staff in developing and automating the bank applications.

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Jordan Islamic Bank

 Experts have provided its integration service to Jordan Islamic Bank where the services and the solution consisted of configuration, development and implementation of the Oracle SOA, OSB and BAM applications. The middleware solution acted as a centralized layer standing as a gateway between the systems and architecturally constructed with a coherent collection of interfaces based on Service-Oriented Architecture. Our solution has provided the facilities of real-time integration of data along with modelling and management of the business processes.

// Appian Platform, Oracle SOA, Security

Jordan Kuwait Bank

Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB), based in Jordan, has partnered with Experts Digital Transformation to embark on a transformative journey using the Appian platform. The collaboration aimed to drive the bank’s digital transformation efforts and achieve operational efficiency. As part of the services provided, the Experts team successfully deployed and installed the system, laying a strong foundation for the bank’s digital initiatives.

Furthermore, the team worked closely with JKB staff, providing comprehensive training to equip them with the necessary skills to maximize the platform’s potential. With their expertise, the Experts team supported JKB in developing various bank processes, ensuring seamless automation and optimization across the organization.

Through this partnership, JKB experienced significant progress on its digital journey, empowering the bank to thrive in an increasingly digital banking landscape.